Simple Ways to Determine If an OOH Campaign Is Effective

Wednesday - June 1, 2022 | Reading Time: 2 mins 11 seconds

We might get so caught up in gathering data, preparing reports, and evaluating data that we forget that there are simpler ways to establish whether an OOH advertising campaign was successful. Consider one of these metrics for your return on investment if you're merely curious about if your campaign has increased sales since it began (ROI).
Slogan Analytics You can use slogan analytics to determine the success of a recent OOH commercial that had a particularly appealing slogan or phrase. Check the analytics feature on your website to discover how many times your slogan's keywords or tagline have been typed into search engines. People may not remember a promo code or a website, but if your tagline sticks with them, they may try to find your company by Searching online for the words they recall. Hashtag Metrics Hashtags are an excellent technique to track the effectiveness of a billboard or wildposting campaign. Include a campaign-specific hashtag in your advertisement and monitor its use across other social media channels. You'll get an estimate of the impressions of your advertisement if you notice people starting to engage with the hashtag. Hashtags also allow you to search across social media platforms to see how many people are following your brand. Before and After The before and after the approach is an apparent way to measure the efficacy of your OOH advertising campaign if you're only running one at a time. Examine sales immediately before launching a campaign, and then again after the campaign has launched. Your OOH advertising campaign is most likely to blame for a big boost in sales. The tough part about employing the before and after method of measurement is that it demands you to maintain consistency in all other aspects of your marketing. Otherwise, the variations could be due to different initiatives. Promo Code Campaigns Including a promo code on a billboard or brochure allows you to track how many people saw your OOH campaign. Assign the campaign a campaign-specific promo code, discount voucher, or QR code, and only use it during the campaign period. This will allow you to track how many individuals type the campaign-specific code on the website, giving you an estimate of how many purchases your campaign generated. Campaign-specific URL Another approach to track impressions is to include a campaign-specific URL on your OOH advertisement. This URL should only be used on the outdoor ad and not anywhere else. The URL should point to your main website, and traffic from the URL may be used to track how many people saw the ad, bought something, and spent time on your site, all of which are fantastic ROI indicators. Survey Giving clients a quick survey during or after a transaction to ask where they heard about your brand is maybe the easiest measure of all. If people tell you that they first heard about your firm from a billboard, you now know how powerful your OOH campaign was! Source:
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