Leading Advertising Company in Makati City: Elevating Your Brand's Presence

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Revolutionizing Makati City's Commutes through Innovative Advertising Solutions

Welcome to ONGO Smart Advertising, the pioneers of in-cab advertising in the vibrant streets of Makati City. As the leading advertising company in Makati City, we go beyond traditional advertising methods to provide every commuter with a unique, interactive brand experience. Our strategically positioned tablets in taxis offer a platform for businesses to thrive and significantly enhance their visibility in the local market.

Why ONGO Smart Advertising Leads the Way in Makati City

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Tailored to Local Audiences: Our in-cab advertising service specializes in digital marketing solutions, offering brands a personalized connection with the local audience. As travelers commute across Makati City, your brand becomes integral to their journey, ensuring profound brand recall and recognition.

Hyper Local Targeting

Engaging, Interactive Campaigns: Beyond conventional advertising, we deliver captivating, interactive, and memorable content marketing that fosters consumer engagement and brand interaction. This increased engagement transforms your advertising efforts into experiences, establishing deeper connections with each viewer and promoting a robust brand identity.

Analytics Driven Marketing Campaign

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies: In the era of data analytics, ONGO Smart Advertising distinguishes itself by delivering essential insights and metrics to advertising firms. We provide real-time analytics on viewer engagement and interaction, empowering marketing professionals to more precisely assess the effectiveness and reach of their advertising campaigns and strategies.


Unrivalled Visibility in a Captive Setting: The strategic placement of our tablets ensures that your ads receive undivided attention from passengers, increasing the impact of each impression and establishing a robust presence in the target market.

Fostering Local Connections with ONGO Smart Advertising

At ONGO Smart Advertising, we serve as more than just a service provider; we are your strategic partner for developing an effective local marketing presence. In the dynamic landscape of Makati City, where every impression matters, our in-cab advertising service offers an unparalleled opportunity to establish your brand in the community's consciousness.

By collaborating with ONGO Smart Advertising, you're not investing in an ad but a comprehensive marketing solution and a smarter approach to engage with your local audience. As Makati City continues to grow, so do the opportunities for businesses to connect with its residents in innovative and meaningful ways.

Enhancing Brand Exposure with ONGO Smart Advertising

Brand Exposure

Strategic Ad Placements for Enhanced Visibility

ONGO Smart Advertising strategically situates its tablets in high-traffic locations, ensuring that your ads reach a diverse and extensive audience. This strategic positioning maximizes visibility, fostering deeper engagement and interaction. Whether in urban areas, popular cafes, or transport hubs, our placements are designed to capture the attention of your target demographic in their daily lives.

Ongo News

Diverse and Dynamic Ad Formats

We offer a variety of ad types to keep the audiences interested, from high-definition static graphics that capture your brand essence to interactive surveys that actively involve your target audience. Our quick, concise video clips aim to convey your message effectively within a limited time frame. This diversity ensures your ads remain fresh, creative, and appealing to various audiences.


Pinpoint Geo-Targeting for Precise Audience Reach

Our advanced geo-targeting capabilities enable you to deliver your message to the most relevant audience segments in Makati City, Philippines. Our technology makes it possible whether you target specific neighbourhoods, bustling areas, or even a specific type of online business, event management, or venue. This precision ensures optimal utilization of your advertising budget, effectively reaching individuals most inclined to engage with your message.


Comprehensive Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

In the fast-paced world of advertising, data-driven insights are paramount. ONGO Smart Advertising provides detailed analytics and reporting, providing invaluable insights into your ad performance. This data includes viewer interactions, engagement levels, and demographic information, which is important for effective ad placement media planning. With this information, you can make better decisions about future advertising campaigns, fine-tuning your approach for optimum impact.

The Cutting-Edge Technology of ONGO Smart Advertising

Our platform utilizes the latest digital display and interactive technology, including high-definition screens and user-friendly interfaces. We continuously explore digital marketing advancements, including augmented reality (AR) ads and personalized ad experiences tailored to consumer behavior and preferences.

Future Directions in In-Cab Advertising Technology

In the future, we will explore integrations with mobile apps and social media platforms to offer passengers seamless interactive experiences extending beyond the confines of the cab ride. This approach aims to enhance brand engagement and facilitate extended advertising campaigns that engage with consumers on multiple levels.

In-Depth Audience Engagement Analysis

Our comprehensive analytics delve beyond basic viewership. We analyze engagement trends, dwell times, and interaction rates to discover how passengers interact with ads. This data enables us to improve ad content and placement for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

Commitment to Your Brand's Success

As a leading advertising agency in Makati City, we are committed to provide services, insightful brand strategies and building partnerships in your brand's growth journey. We believe in long-term relationships built on trust, transparency, and mutual success with our clients.

Improve Social Media Marketing with ONGO

Social media marketing is essential to connect with audiences in the digital age. However, at ONGO Smart Advertising, we believe in an integrated marketing approach.

Our in-cab advertising ensures that your brand has an equally strong offline resonance as it does online. By aligning your social media strategy with our innovative in-cab ads, you can create a continuous brand narrative that engages your audience wherever they are. This synergy reinforces your brand message while increasing the reach and impact of the campaign.

Client Success Stories and Testimonials

We have a track record of success stories that show the value of our in-cab smart advertising.
. A renowned hair care salon chain in the Philippines increased its E-commerce traffic with our campaign, resulting in a substantial 66% surge in visits to the Lazada page over a 10-month period, driving significant online sales.
. A Retail E-commerce of Fitness Tech Products increased their website traffic by 38% through their 30-second ad material with a QR Code embedded. When scanned, it linked to their website.

Partner with ONGO Smart Advertising Agency

Embrace the future of advertising in Makati City with ONGO Smart Advertising. Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology offer a distinct opportunity to connect with the city's vibrant population.

Reach out to us to explore how we can elevate your marketing endeavors and amplify your business presence in this bustling urban hub.

Rachel Pasilan
Rachel PasilanMarketing Communications Executive
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